Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Will: Its getting closer

Ali (my pilot) has set a date for Thursday AM as the best chance for my swim. All of the swims got cancelled for early this morning due to unexpected weather so anything is possible. I'll know better tomorrow evening. Adam is still going day to day, calling each night to determine if he'll swim the next morning. Thursday is the official start of the tide and we are afraid that is when the reservation priority order will start.

Adam, Todd, and Zach and I had a great swim this morning in the harbor. It's about 65deg so that is good news for all. We met swimmers from Canada, Rockford, IL, Australia, and India at the beach. It's been cool to meet people from all over the world who come for this swim.

Jeff just arrived after being stuck on a plane with a flight attendant buzzer that was stuck on for the entire trip from O'hare. After Jeff went swimming we met the coach of a 15-year old Indian swimmer who, with a successful channes swim, will be the first person to swim all 9 seas.

Well Cathy, Randy, & Allison will make it in tomorrow so I'll have a complete crew. It'll be a rush from Heathrow to the boat.

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