Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Jeff & Alicia: Thursday 8/13 Update

Our tide window officially starts today. Just to update ya'll on the
situation here in Dover. Will is swimming right now and should be on
or approaching the French coastline as we speak. He left at 3:30 or
so this morning and we've been receiving periodic text messages
updating us on his status throughout the course of the morning. I'm
expecting to post good news on his successful landing shortly. Adam
and I are still awaiting our call. We did have an opportunity to go
at 1:00 a.m. this morning, but the call came about 8:30 last night
after our pilot had already informed us that the weather was iffy and
would be so through the weekend, plus I would have been working on
about 3 hours of sleep after just getting here on Tuesday afternoon.
Needless to say Adam and I were both of the same mindset and it just
didn't feel right, so we declined. However, today both of us are
raring to go and are simply waiting for the call. It didn't help that
we could see France from the Harbor before our swim today. We
actually thought about hijacking a canoe and asking Alicia to take our
food packs. GIven the circumstances we deferred and decided to allow
our pilots to coordinate the swim. Check with us Tuesday if the swim
hasn't happened, Alicia will definitely need to get her paddle arms
on. That's all for now and we should know more after 7 p.m. this
evening (that's 2 p.m. EST/1 p.m. CDT).


  1. It's 10:30 AM here in Michigan, so we presume Will has been swimming for about 12 hours. The only thing we get when we try to track the Roco is 1 report saying "underway" made at about 4:30 local time.

    Hope to hear a victory report soon.

    Best regards, Candi & Harry

  2. Finally e-mailed Matt ( Bless Jane for not understanding how not to forward others e-mail addresses in 'forwards' )
    Matt says that Will was approaching Audresselles with very strong currents - that was about 9:18 - he has to be close !!!

  3. I will be crossing my fingers for you and Adam. I hope you guys get to go soon. I will continue to think warm thoughts in hopes to warm up the water.
    Take care.Get some good sleep.

  4. Alicia, if you find a kayak with a trolling motor for active paddling breaks, bring it back to Morse Reservoir. I'd be willing to use it for the guys to train for the double crossing. You are a good soul for your part in all of this. The team effort continues.

    Hope to meet you some time.