Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Todd and Adam: Getting a Good Night Sleep

Hello All:

We would like to officially announce that we had our first round of
fish and chips this afternoon. (We are also happy to announce it
wasn't the first round of ales.) More importantly, we had a great swim
in the harbor with Will and Zach this morning. We couldn't get enough,
however Zach got out after 20 minutes ... breaststroker!

It appears that Adam will be getting the call to go for it Tuesday
morning at 1:30 am ... as Will said, "game on!" We look forward to
posting our progress as we stroke, kick, feed, puke, and shiver our
way across those North Atlantic waters of the English Channel.


Todd and Adam


  1. Wow, the training sounds amazing. I am so happy to hear the water temp is 64-65.
    We have missed you all at Nationals.
    Good luck tonight on Stuart's swim. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Wishing everyone luck with their swims!


    From Jasper

  3. Hey guys! Wishing you all best of luck and great swims over there. Can't wait to follow you on the journey! Bob and Andrea