Sunday, August 9, 2009


Adam and I just got our first swim in this morning in the harbour. It was fantastic and the scenery with the Dover Castle in the background was breathtaking. The water was suprisingly warm, measuring 65 close to the shore and there are rumors of 68 degree water closer to France. We got to meet Freda Streeter, "The channel general", who over sees channel swimming training in the harbor and has done so every weekend of the season for decades and she showed us the ropes.

Also, I've added Stuart Nightenhalser, another Indy swimmer, to the blog. He is over here for a swim on the same tide we are. Stuart is swimming tonight at around 1am local time (8PM EST) and I'm going to be crewing for him. I'm also going to try out txt updates to see if that system will work.

The weather in the channel has been quite good lately and there are rumors of bad weather coming in Friday of this week. The official start of our tide is Thursday the 13th and the best spot between us is 3rd so the pilots have requested that we try to go early. Keep watching the blog for dates but it looks like Adam may go early in the week and I may go Wednesday and most of the swims lately have been leaving in the middle of the night.



  1. Good to see the water is a bit warmer out there! Missed ya at the USMS Long Course Nationals.

  2. I can sense the excitement. I hope you get to start before the weather changes. I'm just amazed that you are doing this challenge and know that you will hit your goal!