Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Adam and Todd: Another Day of Waiting

Hello All

Today was a beautiful day here in southeast England with sun and warm
temps apart from the high winds. Our sources tell us that winds in the
channel reached nearly 25 knots, which does not make for any sort of
an attempt. We did enjoy getting a taste of the wind-aided "white
horses" (white caps) in the harbor along with a few good mouthfuls of
salt water for Todd.

After speaking with the boat captain this evening, we will not be
swimming tomorrow morning due to the winds, but we may have an
opportunity tomorrow night. The start times tomorrow are approximately
7am and 5pm. A more likely attempt for Adam will likely come on Monday
or Tuesday. We are trying to remain patient and hopeful for the our
"opportunity for greatness."


Adam and Todd

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  1. Good luck Adam. I am glad to read Todd is enjoying the joys of open water swimming one gulp at a time. Enjoy your time.