Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FROM WILL: 1 down, 3 to go...

Stuart Nightenhalser finished yesterday with an unofficial time of 13:48. He was incredibly focused and very consistent in speed and stroke all the way across. The conditions were everything from Morse-like to 3-4 waves with white horses. Excellent work Stuart!
As soon as he touched France the weather went to hell. The boat was never stable from that point on with waves that crashed in the bow and put spray all the way to the 54' long stern. Superman Stuart had no problem sitting below deck noozing and I was above and below trying to figure out the best way to keep my lunch down.

That weather change was a bit of a surprise and most (if not all) swims that were scheduled to leave this morning were cancelled (as todd and adam mentioned). It looks like a Wednesday or Thursday swim for me and Adam is going day to day and will know tonight if he's swimming tomorrow at 1am.

The text update plan didn't work (obviously) because Virgin Mobile sucks. I'm going to shop for other carriers today.


  1. Great summary of events. So cool to read you eloquent prose. Swim well and continue having fun for us. We are vicariously enjoying the "Channel experience."

    Best wishes!

  2. Team Morse Posse earns another honor. Way to go Will. Thanks for letting us be part of the tour. You rock! Morse Muck/Mecca awaits your return.

    H & V