Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Adam

Hello all:

We made it home and I'm getting a quick bite to eat before going to
bed after a big day. A bigger blog will be posted in the morning.
Thanks for all the awesome comments.



  1. Adam:

    Thanks for the ride! Can't wait for the double crossing? Amy will have a "full-time" hubby again soon, aye?


  2. I now understand the reason behind all of your insane training habits. Congratulations. This is certainly an accomplishment to cherish and share for the rest of your life! Enjoy.

    Oh... and let me know when you want to come over to the dark side.


  3. Told Grandma tonight. She said it gave her goosebumps and she was glad she did not know ahead of time because she would not have slept at all the past week. We had a celebration dinner. You can imagine what she was like!! It was fun. We are proud of you and the rest of the family for their dedication.

  4. I am thinking a double crossing relay team for 2010 with Bryan, Mallory, Jeff, Will, Adam and myself

  5. Nice job Adam! I knew you could do it!!! Congratulations and I will see you around Thanksgiving in the pool!

  6. Wow....congrats Adam. Just heard about your crossing this morning in the OR. Gave me goosebumps thinking of all the hard work and dedication leading up to this. From all the medical staff...congratulations!!
    Scott B

  7. Adam! Congratulations!! What an awesome accomplishment. Way to Go!
    Chanda & Clint

  8. Wow,congratulations! That is totally amazing, impressive, and insane all at the same time! Let us know if/when you post some videos or pictures! I can't even comprehend the amount of strength and will that took. It does not even sound humanly possible!