Saturday, August 22, 2009

From WILL: One last post

So here we are. One week has passed from the big swims. Jeff and Alicia are living the high life in Paris. Cathy and I are hanging out in London and Adam and Amy are in Jasper, wishing they had taken more vacation (right?).

This swim would not have been possible without all of our families and YOUR support from the start. Thank you for your encouragement and posts!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Adam: WOW

The table and chairs are no longer moving- so I thought I'd add a few more thought.

The English Channel crossing was an amazing day filled with excitement, pain, humiliation, and extreme happiness (when my hands were scraping the sand).

This goal could not have been met without many great people participating/supporting in this journey.

My amazing family was not only able to put up with me waking them at all hours to go swim around and around lakes (and pools)- they also made the trip here to share in the fun.  Amy, Todd, and Zach were also the best support crew on the boat a swimmer could have.  No matter how many times I asked them- they would not tell me how far we actually were from the white cliffs in France.  Thankfully they let me remain delusional thinking I had about 20 minutes remaining- for THREE hours.  Abby, Stacy, and Emily had to return early for work- otherwise I might have convinced Abby to fess up about the distance.  Mimi may have had the toughest task of the day- keeping Lance, Luke, and Ross in line back at the house (wonder how many bananas she had to dole out

Thanks to the Jasper swim crew- who put up with many long, exciting workouts in preparation.  Don't worry the hard pool workouts will continue (thought up some doozies out there).  We also had some fellow crazy people who accompanied me on open water swims in Christmas and Patoka Lakes- for up to six hours at a time.  They made training fun!  Thanks to them and more importantly their families for letting them come out to play.

Two very good friends- Jeff and Will.  What great swims they had in tough conditions doled out by the Channel!  Good thing they didn't fill me in on all the details until after my swim.  We had some great fun training together with the crew at Dick's dock at Morse reservoir in Indy.  Thanks for being such good friends.

Thanks to Mel, Kris, George and the ISF (Indy Swim Fit) gang for mentoring and support.  What a great crew!!
I'll no longer fear the 3rd fifty (buttercup).

Amazing all the emails and comments on blog throughout this time from great supporters/friends.  I couldn't believe all the support from Jasper, Indy, and across the country!  Those thoughts were very helpful getting through those times of wonder- yes there were a few of those times.  They were actually relaying messages to me throughout the swim from the blog- thanks.

Thanks to everyone- now get out there and tackle your goals!!!

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From Adam

Hello all:

We made it home and I'm getting a quick bite to eat before going to
bed after a big day. A bigger blog will be posted in the morning.
Thanks for all the awesome comments.


From Jeff: Land HO

Adam has landed in France. Time is around 10:45ish. 100% success for
ISF in the Channel. Way to go Adam. More to follow I'm sure once he
has his wits about him and we have our celebratory pint at the White
Horse of course.

From Jeff

Ada is one mile out from a point south of Wissant. He's trying to
catch some sort of tide into the beach. Expecting one more feed and
about 30 minutes more of swimming.