Sunday, August 16, 2009

From Alicia: And He's On It...

Jeff got the green light this afternoon. Right now conditions are
favorable, so unless the winds kick up, he'll be going out after 6
p.m. local time (1 p.m Eastern). That means he'll be swimming a good
chunk in the dark overnight. He's OK with that -- just ready to get on
with it. Amazingly, he's taking a nap right now. The guy is so chill,
ice I swear ice runs through his veins.

Jeff will be on a different boat than originally planned. He'll be on
Sea Satin with Adam's pilot. If you want to track him today, I think
you should be able to if you click "track Adam."

Thanks everyone for the good wishes. The support has meant a lot.


  1. Good luck Jeff!! Go for it! Susie

  2. Go Jeff Go! We're watching and rooting for you here in Chicago.

  3. Good Luck, Jeff. You are so ready. I know you will prevail. We'll be tracking your progress.

  4. Good Luck, Jeff...I guess when you get this email you will be 2 hours into your swim...Having difficulty tracking, but our spirit and good wishes are with you...


  5. GO JEFF! You go bro! - Stacy & Rob from Towanda, PA

  6. Good luck Jeff! I guess Alicia is off the hook and doesn't have to paddle across in a canoe. We all are cheering for you & know you can do it!!!!!!!!
    Victoria & Herman