Sunday, July 26, 2009

Less than 3 weeks to go!

Finally our swim is almost here. Adam, Jeff, and I have a swim times lined up for the Aug 13th-18th neap tide. Between now and then our plan is to update this site with the last days of training, the final swim dates & times (usually set the day before the swim), and technology allowing, real time updates from the boat during this swim.

Thanks to to our families and especially our patient wives for sticking with us for almost 2 years of training. And thanks to YOU for your interest and continued support as we enter the final weeks of this endeavor.

Our taper has finally started after an outstanding swim in Lake Michigan over the weekend. We were able to meet up with a speedy Erica Rose, speedy channel veteran Mallory Meed, and channel guru Marcia Cleveland to kick off one last 6+ hour cold(ish) water swim. The Chicago skyline was stunning as usual and Michael, our kayaker did a great job keeping us fed and safe from boats. We even had a fly-by from the coast guard to wish us well.

Some background on the Swim:
Distance: 20.5 miles straight across but swims can take much longer with the tides
Temperature: Typically 59-62 deg but currently 62.8deg as of this post
Rules: You can wear a speedo, a cap, goggles, and grease (i.e. no floaties or wetsuits). No touching the boat and no buoyancy or speed aids.
History: Just over 1000 swimmers have made it across the channel since Matthew Webb first crossed in 1857. More people have been to space and more have climbed Mt. Everest. See if you are a stats junkie like me.

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  1. Rules, can you draft off any see life that insists on staying in front of you.

    Swim with gusto!